Insurance advisors who truly work for you.

Not all insurance agents are created equal. At Kressler, Wolff & Miller, we go out of our way to treat our clients like people and we use our industry experience and diversified knowledge base to protect what you value most in business and in life.

Corporate Officers

J. Marshall Wolff, CIC

(610) 258-9181 ext. 134

David Wolff, CLU

Vice President
(610) 258-9181 ext. 114

John Marvin

President, Consumer Discount Co
570-421-8210 Ext. 300

Personal Insurance

Linda Edwards, CISR

Department Manager
610-258-9180 Ext. 121

Diana Gaillard

Customer Service Agent
610-258-9180 Ext. 119

Linda L. Lock, CISR

Customer Service Agent
610-258-9180 Ext. 133

Michele Twardowski,CSA

Allentown Personal Insurance/Office Manager
610-435-4751 Ext. 200

Business Insurance

Michele DiSora, CISR

Senior Account Manager
610-258-9182 Ext. 120

Richard Boisch, CIC, CRM

Senior Account Executive

Mary Barsony, CISR

Account Manager
610-258-9182 Ext. 131

Shanon Fisher

Account Manager
610-258-9182 Ext. 130

Stephen Wilhelm

Account Manager
610-258-9181 Ext. 129

Life, Health, & Employer Benefits

Jaci Lydon

Department Manager
610-258-9184 Ext. 116

Heidi Boudargham

Senior Account Manager
610-258-9184 Ext. 115


Joanne Schipps

Easton Senior Accountant, Loan Officer
610-258-9181 Ext. 113

Loan Services

John Marvin

President, Consumer Discount Co
570-421-8210 Ext. 300

Valerie Angst

Easton Loan Officer
610-258-9181 Ext. 126

Sereena Myers

Stroudsburg Loan Services, Collections Specialist
570-421-8210 Ext. 301

Cynthia Pochek

Collection Specialist
610-258-9181 ext. 127