The complimentary newsletters below were designed to provide you with updated information on issues that concern you. Please check back for updated issues. These issues are archived for your convenience. Please  contact us  if you have any questions.

Cyber Security Awareness

This newsletter provides information pertaining to cyber security for individuals and businesses. The focus is on Cyber security awareness, protecting against cyber crimes and tips and suggestions on how to improve security. The newsletter is sponsored and provided by Microsoft Corporation.


Personal Protection Newsletter

Four issues per year deal with personal concerns such as Homeowners, Renters, Fire, Flood, Auto, and other insurance, as well as risk management. Two additional issues per year focus on Life and Health insurance and financial services issues such as retirement and estate planning.


Business to Business Newsletter

This newsletter is designed for small to medium-size businesses. Business to Business covers a wide range of topics, including Employment Practices Liability, Business Interruption, Workers Compensation, BOPs, Commercial Auto, and Umbrella insurance– not to mention employee benefits, safety procedures, business tips, and human resources guidelines.


Employee Benefits Newsletter

A newsletter for the Human Resources department or owners of small to medium-size businesses, Employee Benefits provides valuable information on topics such as 401(k) plans, Long-Term Care policies, cafeteria plans, independent contractors, health care concerns, and education.


Your Employee Matters Newsletter

This newsletter provides guidelines to workplace culture, labor-management relations and compliance.