Corporate Office

40 South Fourth St.
Easton, PA 18042
Toll Free: 1-800-765-5446


J. Marshall Wolff, President, Ext. 134,
David W. Wolff, Vice President, Ext. 114,
John Marvin, President, KWM Cons., Ext. 300,
Mary Louise Lutri, Corporate Secretary, Ext. 112,
Daniel R. Lynch, Treasurer, Ext. 111,

Marketing & Advertising

Phone: 610-258-9181
FAX: 610-253-3509

Tim Cain, Marketing Director, Ext 117,

Commercial & Personal Insurance Account Executives:

Phone: 610-258-9181
FAX: 610-253-6332 Commercial Insurance FAX
FAX: 610-253-3509 Personal Insurance FAX

Tim Cain, Account Executive/Marketing Director, Ext 117,
Daniel Caracio, Account Executive/Risk Management, Ext. 110,


Business Insurance (Easton, PA)

Phone: 610-258-9181
FAX: 610-253-6332

Mary Barsony, CISR, Ext. 131,
Ingrid Pacchioli, CSA, Ext. 129,
Shanon Fisher, CSA/Communications Ext. 130,

Personal Insurance (Easton, PA)

Phone: 610-258-9181
FAX: 610-253-3509

Linda Edwards, CISR, Dept. Manager, Ext. 121,
Michele DiSora, CISR, Ext. 120,
Diana Gaillard, CSA, Ext. 119,
Linda L. Lock, CISR, Ext. 133,

Sales: Life, Long Term Care, Pensions (Easton, PA)

Phone: 610-258-9181
FAX: 610-253-3509

Jaci Lydon, Life/Health Div. Manager, Ext. 116,
Dallas Chanclor, Health & Benefits Consultant, Ext. 123,
Robert Kistler, Account Executive/Employee Benefits Group Ins., Ext. 203,
Kevin Keefe, Senior Acct. Executive/Senior Products Specialist, Ext. 118

Loans (Easton, PA)

Phone: 610-258-9181
FAX: 610-253-3509

Mara Dennis, Senior Loan Officer, Ext. 126,

Accounting (Easton, PA)

Phone: 610-258-9181
FAX: 610-253-6825

Mary Lou Lutri, Corp. Secretary/Senior Accountant, Ext. 112,
Joanne Schipps, Senior Accountant, Ext. 113,

Allentown, PA:

2233 Walbert Ave.
Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 610-435-4751
FAX: 610-435-2614

Michele Twardowski, CSA, Office Manager, Ext. 200

Stroudsburg, PA:

14 South Eighth St.
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Phone: 570-421-8210
FAX: 570-421-5471


John Marvin, President, KWM Cons. Disc./Office Manager, Ext. 300
Joanne Schipps, Loan Officer, Ext. 301,
Sereena Myers, Collections Specialist, Ext. 302


All Personal & Commercial Insurance is now being serviced by our staff in Easton, PA. Please feel free to visit our Stroudsburg office to make insurance payments, ask questions about your account, or speak to one of our Customer Service Agents. We can easily connect you with one of our friendly & helpful staff in our Easton, Pa office. You may also call 570-421-8210 and ask to be transferred to a CSA regarding your account. If you would like to call our Easton office directly please use our Toll Free 800 number. 1-800-765-5446.

Our Easton, PA staff is ready to help:

Linda Edwards, CISR, Dept. Manager, Ext. 121,
Diana Gaillard, CSA, Ext. 119,
Linda L. Lock, CISR, Ext. 133,